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Cape Town: Guided Tour vs. On Your Own

It’s truly amazing how your mind can open up and your point-of-view can change with a little background information and some guidance. Whether you’re touring through the internationally-renowned Sistine Chapel or through a historical region rich with deep cultural heritage and mystery, a guided tour is a must if you want to leave with a valuable lasting impression.

tablemtnTable Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa is one such region where participating in a guided tour is a must. The history behind its existence coupled with the impression it has on you as you observe it first hand, is what makes the strongest impact. It’s amazing how Cape Town can truly speak to you once you begin to understand the cultural heritage and historical background, and how its past has shaped the region into what you see today.

At the end of your tour you’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge you otherwise would have never had if you decided to view the area on your own without a knowledgeable guide. Although many city tours throughout Africa don’t necessarily require a guide, a Cape Town City and Table Mountain tour is highly-encouraged for visitors in the area who want to experience the authenticity of the region.

One of the most highly-acclaimed tour providers in Cape Town is Cape Fusion Tours. Their knowledgeable and friendly guides ensure you discover all the wonderful elements that make Cape Town and Table Mountain historical and cultural icons. On their off-the-beaten-path tours, you won’t be lectured with boring or popularly known facts found in dusty history text books. You’ll get a rare insight into the region’s profound history and its intricate wilderness.

Why take advantage of a guided tour through Cape Town City and Table Mountain? Simple.

 The rich cultural heritage you’ll become acquainted with. Home to some of the world’s most inspirational cultures, a guided tour through Cape Town provides you with the exceptional opportunity to learn about the indigenous people by interacting and observing them in their daily lives. You’ll also discover the stories and legends of past generations from their living relatives. During your tour, you’ll learn about various art forms and their historical and cultural significance, as well as the lifestyle of certain cultures and how those lifestyles came to be.
cablecar The opportunity to enjoy a guided view of Table Mountain as you journey up the rocky mountainside in a rotating cable car. Each cable car has the ability to fully rotate, giving you the opportunity to see 360 degrees around you. On your cable car trip you’ll see stunning gardens, death-defying cliffs, and playful dassies—furry brown creatures that live on the mountain whose closest relatives are elephants.

You’ll also learn about the history of the cable car and the grounds beneath you as you venture up the mountainside. And awaiting you at the summit is one of the most stunning and indescribable views in the entire world.  
• The safety and convenience factors. Because there are 350 routes up the mountain, having a guided tour is highly recommended, as it can be extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous to navigate the mountain on your own. And not to mention the headache of choosing which path to take, out of the 360 different ones! When you experience Table Mountain on a guided tour, you can rest assure that your family is safe. The elimination of the stresses of getting lost or hurt allows you to relax and truly enjoy your trip.

 The deep insight into Malay Quarter’s fascinating evolution into what it is today. You’ll discover how religious influences, changes of European power, and slavery all worked to shape this region into the place it is today.

• The exciting history of The Castle of Good Hope. This military fort relic, which was built between 1666 and 1669 by the Dutch East India Company, was the main protection for Cape Town and was constantly threatened by outside forces. Capturing the combination of the structure’s fascinating history with the sheer size and intricate architecture of the castle can only be experienced while on a guided tour.

• The beauty and captivating scent of the flower market. Over the past 100 years, flower selling has become a cultural tradition on Cape Town’s Adderley Street. On this walking tour you’ll discover the cultural heritage of Adderley Street and meet vendors known for their friendliness and humor, and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase their vibrantly colored flowers.

• The local crafts and works of art at the Green Market Square. Originally Cape Town’s first fruit and vegetable market, Green Market Square is a sensational place to go for cultural enlightenment. Today, it is a market offering African goods and art, and is surrounded by charming cafés that invite visitors to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and socialize. On your guided tour, you’ll uncover the large impact Green Market Square has on the local community, as well as the local economy.


Wine Lover’s Retreat: Cape Winelands


Cape Winelands is wine lovers paradise. Exploding with the scent of plump grapes and fertile earth, this unique region produces some of the world’s greatest wines on family owned vineyards.

If the sight of dramatic mountains and sprawling valleys and vineyards isn’t enough to have your mouth watering, the wine, brandies, and olive oil tastings will certainly do the trick.

On a Cape Winelands tour with Hills of Africa Travel, expect  . . .

• Personal tours given by expert guide, Pam McOnie of Cape Fusion Tours. Pam is a spectacular tour guide, equipped with an infinite knowledge of Cape Winelands and is a treat to anyone’s itinerary. With an obvious passion for food, wine, and Cape Winelands, Pam ensures her tours are culinary affairs, which are often the highlight of our clients’ itineraries.

• VIP access to some of the Winelands’ most prestigious estates including: Rust en Vrede, Bruwer Raats, Le Riche, Thelema, De Torin, and many others. The De Torin estate—open by appointment only—is a rare treat, which Hills of Africa Travel guests are able to enjoy. Visitors on their African safari trip are able to meet De Toren’s winemaker and enjoy a private tour and tasting. De Toren is no ordinary winemaking estate. They use the traditional way of making wine—using basket presses instead of pumping the wine.

• An invite to the Morgenster estate to enjoy world-renowned olive oil and wine tasting. The estate is one of the best examples of Cape Dutch Architecture in Cape Winelands, and it is a delightful treat to observe such a spectacular work of art.

• A gourmet feast at a picnic in Vergelegen’s Forest. The land owners spread white cloth decorated tables throughout the forest and serve a mouth-watering lunch to guests as they soak in the peaceful serenity of nature.


• Tailored services around your every individual preference. For example, if you fall in love with a delicious wine you tasted at dinner in Cape Winelands, you can expect Pam to book an appointment the very next day with the winemaker of that particular wine. Interested in visiting the top Cabernet Sauvignon producers in South Africa? We can make it happen. Whatever your desire, Hills of Africa Travel will accommodate.

Rejoice in the flowing wines of Cape Winelands while on an African honeymoon safari or family safari. Hills of Africa Travel strives to ensure each guest has a life-altering wine tasting trip, which is why all of our itineraries are crafted around your personal tastes and preferences. Contact us today at (877) 845-4802.  We’re looking forward to making your dreams come true . . .

Unforgettable Shopping in Cape Town: Part II

Cape Town is a one-of-a-kind City, celebrated for its spirited culture and bustling shopping hubs. Quaint cafés, African artifact shops, and traditional glass bead shops line the streets with open doors, and exude a palpable energy that pulls visitors inside.

Hills of Africa Travel proudly works with Cape Fusion Tours to plan a day of absolute excitement and adventure for those wishing to soak in the rich cultural heritage of Cape Town, enjoy a peaceful day shopping, and discover traditional African artwork and artifacts.

To view Part I of this post, visit Unforgettable Shopping in Cape Town: Part I

Cape Town boasts even more fantastic shopping districts to choose from:

1. Green Market Square: Originally Cape Town’s first fruit and vegetable market, Green Market Square is a sensational place to go for cultural enlightenment. Today, it is a market offering African goods and art, and is surrounded by charming cafés that invite visitors to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and socialize.

2. Long Street: With a reputation for being Cape Town’s greatest nightlife hub, Long Street is the perfect place to go for even more fun after a day full of exciting exploration with Cape Fusion Tours. Also, Long Street is home to some of the most dated buildings in the Cape and is busting with old-world architecture. Explore this charismatic area on a Cape Town tour and witness the reflections of a profound history. Enjoy popular shops such as Tribal Trends, Pan African Market, and The African Music Store. Celebrated for its high quality African home décor and art merchandise, Tribal Trends is a must-see when in Cape Town. The Pan African Market is the perfect place to go for authentic African masks and artifacts, and The African Music Store is a great place to stop for a wide spectrum of African music. And, when you’re finally finished shopping, enjoy a cocktail and light meal at a local café.

3. Kalk Bay: Famous for its stellar location on a small community fishing harbor, Kalk Bay is a quaint Cape Town village, and is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a delightful stroll. One of the Cape’s finest restaurants is located in the area, as well, offering delicious, fresh seafood. But, the luxury doesn’t stop there. Kalk Bay is made up of a variety of shops that offer high-end antiques, artwork, and other African goodies sure to satisfy your craving to shop.

4. Shopping Malls: Cavendish Square and Canal Walk: If you’re looking to shop in first-world stores, Cavendish Square and Canal Walk are perfect since they offer a wide spectrum of internationally well-known stores. The South Africa Venues website provides the perfect description for Canal Walk: “With over 400 specialty stores to tempt you, including fashion, home ware, gifts, jewelry, shoes, leather ware, music, arts and more, Canal Walk offers a comprehensive shopping experience in Cape Town all under one roof. Canal Walk is also home to a mix of more than 30 restaurants, cafés and coffee shops, serving a range of menus.” As for Cavendish Square, visitors “can feel comfortably relaxed as they browse through the latest leading fashion and accessory stores in the Centre or visit one of the many interior and home ware shops. The Centre boasts sixteen state-of-the-art cinemas as well as nineteen restaurants and coffee shops catering for all appetites ranging from fast foods to exclusive cuisine.”

Experience the sheer beauty, excitement, and cultural enlightenment of Cape Town on an African family safari or honeymoon safari. Hills of Africa Travel works hand-in-hand with Cape Fusion Tours to ensure the perfect shopping experience tailored around each individual visitor’s preferences. Let Hills of Africa Travel plan for you the South African trip of a lifetime. Contact us today at (877) 845-4802.  We’re looking forward to making your dreams come true . . .

Unforgettable Shopping in Cape Town: Part I

Cape Town's Table Mountain

Shopping in Cape Town is a wonderful way to spend a day while on an African safari trip. This interactive experience allows you to take a step closer into the cultural aspect of the City and interact with the locals. A mixture of cultural, historical, and community discoveries come to life as you taste the unique, enlightening flavors of the land.

The abundance of charming cafes, antique shops, art galleries, beauty shops, and artifact shops infuses Cape Town with a delightful, old-world charm. With excitement and beauty around every corner, it’s no wonder

shopping in Cape Town is considered one of the most entertaining activities to do in the City.

Wire frog from South Africa

Cape Town boasts a large variety of shopping districts to choose from:

1. V&A Waterfront: Known by locals as simply the Waterfront, V&A Waterfront is a fantastic Cape Town shopping hub. The Waterfront’s ideal location around a working harbor makes it the perfect place to socialize and enjoy a delightful snack, meal, or drink on the water’s edge at one of the many cafes lining this celebrated shopping center. And during the evening, enjoy a relaxing picnic with a bottle of wine as you watch the sunset. With the sound of local music filling the air, the bustle of City life, and the colorful shop facades, it’s no wonder Cape Town’s shopping district is known as a hot-spot. The Waterfront is also known for providing only the highest quality African artifacts in its many shops. Some fantastic body shops include Charlotte Rhys, and RAIN. And, if you’re looking for spectacular linens, Nocturnal Affair is the place to go.


2. Bo-Kaap: Streetwires: Lining the streets in the Bo-Kaap area are vibrant colored houses and a large variety of quaint shops to pop into. The entire area boasts an assortment of Fair Trade projects and community projects, which adds vibrant life to this shopping hub. Streetwires, a community project comprised of creators of modern African wire and bead craft, is an amazing place to experience Cape Town culture and witness the fusion of traditional African craft skills and First World resources. Streetwires is a Proudly South African project that provides formerly unemployed citizens with training and materials to foster their natural born gifts of creating works of art. When you buy from Streetwires, you are contributing to a sustainable society and economy in Cape Town, because the money goes back into the local community.  Take a tour through the factory to obtain creative insight into the unique art of African wire and bead craft.

Shopping at MonkeyBiz in Cape Town

3. Bo-Kaap: Monkey Biz: Just down the road from Streetwires is another excellent community project called Monkey Biz. Working together to “create employment and empowerment for disadvantaged women in Cape Town,” Barbara Jackson, Shirley Fintz, Mathapelo Ngaka, and staff have built a magnificent community support system. Monkey Biz is a non-profit organization that injects profits directly back into the community. Monkey Biz’s vibrant colored glass bead artworks are hand made from local women who receive money for each beaded artwork they produce.

If you’re looking to enjoy a delightful day in Cape Town, let Hills of Africa Travel create for you the perfect itinerary, tailored around your every personal preference. We proudly work with Cape Fusion Tours to ensure visitors to Cape Town have the time of their lives. Cape Fusion Tours is your ticket to a spectacular day of shopping and an inside look into the rich Cape Town culture. Contact Hills of Africa Travel today at (877) 845-4802.  We’re looking forward to making your dreams come true . . .