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Immerse Yourself in Gorongosa’s Natural Wonders on an Intimate Walking Safari

Comprised of diverse eco-systems, and a unique cultural and historical heritage, Gorongosa National Park has positioned itself as Mozambique’s ultimate walking safari destination. Situated among the Lower Zambezi and delta systems, Gorongosa is saturated with exotic wildlife that thrives thanks to these powerful, neighboring water sources.

Famous for its rainforest, roaring waterfalls, mysterious caverns, rivers, grassy floodplains, woodlands, Albida forests, and sprawling pans, the Gorongosa is the premier destination for those looking to gain a broad insight into some of the world’s most fascinating eco-systems. Since Gorongosa’s natural world is defined by its complex eco-systems, having the best guides on your walking safari through the National Park is an absolute must.

One such safari provider, Explore Gorongosa, is an eco-tourism company that prides itself on its expert guides and their ability to combine all the social, historical, cultural, and ecological elements of the region into their guided tours.  Because of the area’s deeply rooted history and its affect on Mozambique’s natural world, no other destination in Africa provides a more well-rounded insight into a specific region quite like Gorongosa National Park. This historical heritage is arguably the strongest element that sets Gorongosa apart from other popular walking safari destinations.

Incorporating the history of the land and its affects on the region’s fragile bio-diversity, the exceptional walking safaris offered by Explore Gorongosa provide an all-encompassing and highly educational experience for all visitors. On these walking safaris, you’ll learn how the region’s history of ancient civilizations, Arabs, and gold, ivory, and slave traders, tribal conflicts, and restoration projects, has shaped Gorongosa into the exciting place it is today. In addition, you’ll be able to see the direct affects this history had on the wildlife population and how conservation efforts over the past several years have transformed the area into one of Africa’s most stunning destinations.

In addition to employing the most knowledgeable locals in the area as certified guides, Explore Gorongosa accommodates guests in semi-mobile, luxury tents. Housing up to eight guests, Explore Gorongosa’s accommodations offers an intimate atmosphere and safari experience for all its visitors. Since each walking safari incorporates the minute details of nature, as well as larger details, Explore Gorongosa only provides private safari tours to ensure you experience the entire detective aspect of a walking safari.  

Since there are no set safari itineraries, you can choose to enjoy whichever aspect of Gorongosa National Park you wish. Whether you’re looking to experience a theme-based walking safari—such as a birding safari, or an all-encompassing walking safari, Explore Gorongosa will cater to your every individual preference. 

Exclusive walking safari excursions:

If you’re interested in a more niche-oriented safari excursion that combines your favorite interests, some detective work, surprise, excitement, and inspiration, Explore Gorongosa provides a series of special interest safari excursions throughout the year. In the coming year, choose from individual expeditions such as birding, species re-introduction, photography, artistic, anthropological, Gorongosa Mountain, and lion studying.

All encompassing walking safaris:

As you journey through the varying terrain of the Gorongosa on an Explore Gorongosa walking safari, you’ll learn to listen for the distinct callings of Mozambique’s wildlife, search for animal markings, and track paths of residential lions and elephants with the invaluable expertise of Gorongosa’s certified local guides. These highly knowledgeable guides introduce you to the hidden elements of Gorongosa’s indigenous wildlife that ranges from larger game to intricate wildlife hidden beneath rocks and inside crevasses.

Fascinating birdlife including the green-headed oriole, African fish eagle, Egyptian geese, a wide variety of crane species, and much more can be seen during your comprehensive tour through the Mozambique bush. Many of the larger species of animal spotted are Nile crocodiles, lions, hippos, antelopes, and elephants.

In contrast to ecological tours, community tours allow you to discover inspirational elements of the local culture and take a deeper look into how culture has been shaped by Mozambique’s history. You’ll also be able to tour the newly built school and hospital in the Vinho community and observe the positive effects it has had on the locals.

As you observe Mozambique’s bio-diversity, you’ll learn about the direct correlation between the region’s empowering history and its wildlife population, as well as the numerous conservation efforts that helped save this region’s species.