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Immerse Yourself in Gorongosa’s Natural Wonders on an Intimate Walking Safari

Comprised of diverse eco-systems, and a unique cultural and historical heritage, Gorongosa National Park has positioned itself as Mozambique’s ultimate walking safari destination. Situated among the Lower Zambezi and delta systems, Gorongosa is saturated with exotic wildlife that thrives thanks to these powerful, neighboring water sources.

Famous for its rainforest, roaring waterfalls, mysterious caverns, rivers, grassy floodplains, woodlands, Albida forests, and sprawling pans, the Gorongosa is the premier destination for those looking to gain a broad insight into some of the world’s most fascinating eco-systems. Since Gorongosa’s natural world is defined by its complex eco-systems, having the best guides on your walking safari through the National Park is an absolute must.

One such safari provider, Explore Gorongosa, is an eco-tourism company that prides itself on its expert guides and their ability to combine all the social, historical, cultural, and ecological elements of the region into their guided tours.  Because of the area’s deeply rooted history and its affect on Mozambique’s natural world, no other destination in Africa provides a more well-rounded insight into a specific region quite like Gorongosa National Park. This historical heritage is arguably the strongest element that sets Gorongosa apart from other popular walking safari destinations.

Incorporating the history of the land and its affects on the region’s fragile bio-diversity, the exceptional walking safaris offered by Explore Gorongosa provide an all-encompassing and highly educational experience for all visitors. On these walking safaris, you’ll learn how the region’s history of ancient civilizations, Arabs, and gold, ivory, and slave traders, tribal conflicts, and restoration projects, has shaped Gorongosa into the exciting place it is today. In addition, you’ll be able to see the direct affects this history had on the wildlife population and how conservation efforts over the past several years have transformed the area into one of Africa’s most stunning destinations.

In addition to employing the most knowledgeable locals in the area as certified guides, Explore Gorongosa accommodates guests in semi-mobile, luxury tents. Housing up to eight guests, Explore Gorongosa’s accommodations offers an intimate atmosphere and safari experience for all its visitors. Since each walking safari incorporates the minute details of nature, as well as larger details, Explore Gorongosa only provides private safari tours to ensure you experience the entire detective aspect of a walking safari.  

Since there are no set safari itineraries, you can choose to enjoy whichever aspect of Gorongosa National Park you wish. Whether you’re looking to experience a theme-based walking safari—such as a birding safari, or an all-encompassing walking safari, Explore Gorongosa will cater to your every individual preference. 

Exclusive walking safari excursions:

If you’re interested in a more niche-oriented safari excursion that combines your favorite interests, some detective work, surprise, excitement, and inspiration, Explore Gorongosa provides a series of special interest safari excursions throughout the year. In the coming year, choose from individual expeditions such as birding, species re-introduction, photography, artistic, anthropological, Gorongosa Mountain, and lion studying.

All encompassing walking safaris:

As you journey through the varying terrain of the Gorongosa on an Explore Gorongosa walking safari, you’ll learn to listen for the distinct callings of Mozambique’s wildlife, search for animal markings, and track paths of residential lions and elephants with the invaluable expertise of Gorongosa’s certified local guides. These highly knowledgeable guides introduce you to the hidden elements of Gorongosa’s indigenous wildlife that ranges from larger game to intricate wildlife hidden beneath rocks and inside crevasses.

Fascinating birdlife including the green-headed oriole, African fish eagle, Egyptian geese, a wide variety of crane species, and much more can be seen during your comprehensive tour through the Mozambique bush. Many of the larger species of animal spotted are Nile crocodiles, lions, hippos, antelopes, and elephants.

In contrast to ecological tours, community tours allow you to discover inspirational elements of the local culture and take a deeper look into how culture has been shaped by Mozambique’s history. You’ll also be able to tour the newly built school and hospital in the Vinho community and observe the positive effects it has had on the locals.

As you observe Mozambique’s bio-diversity, you’ll learn about the direct correlation between the region’s empowering history and its wildlife population, as well as the numerous conservation efforts that helped save this region’s species.



The Greatest and Most Romantic African Honeymoon Accommodations in Mozambique

With an atmosphere that awakens the senses and enlightens the soul, Africa is the epitome of a lovers retreat. Characterized by its inspirational environment, stunning beauty, rich cultural heritage, and heart-warming locals, there is no other place in the world more perfect for a honeymoon than Mozambique, Africa. Where else can you experience the unique combination of luxury, adventure, relaxation, and romance than in Africa?

Here are a few of Hills of Africa Travel’s favorite luxurious honeymoon accommodations on Bazaruto Island, Mozambique:

Aerial View of Benguerra Lodge

Aerial View of Benguerra Lodge

Benguerra Lodge:

With three different types of accommodations to choose from, Benguerra Lodge is one of the most luxurious and diverse lodges in Mozambique. Honeymooners can choose from The Cabanas, The Casitas, and The Villa.

Casita Double room at Benguerra Lodge

Casita Double room at Benguerra Lodge

The Cabanas are the perfect choice for those looking to share a romantic getaway on the beach. Situated along the sprawling Mozambique beaches, each of these elegant suites has a queen size bed, a spacious bath, an indoor and outdoor shower, and a large private deck with a Jacuzzi and lounge chairs. With subtle reflections of Mozambique’s surrounding nature, the interior décor of each Cabana is comprised of earthy hues and materials, sweeping fabrics, and a rustic, yet luxurious setting.

Your own private plunge pool in a Casita at Benguerra Lodge

Your own private plunge pool in a Casita at Benguerra Lodge

Designed with the honeymooner in mind, The Casitas reveal Arabic and luxurious safari inspired décor, with an airy feel that lets Mozambique’s natural surroundings come to life right inside your very own, spacious suite.

With an open yet secluded feel, this completely private suite ensures you have the romantic honeymoon in Africa that you’ve always dreamed about. Each Casitas has a queen bed, lounge area, large sliding doors, and a private deck with a plunge pool and dining gazebo overlooking the vast sea. But, the luxury doesn’t end there, each Casitas also has an en-suite bathroom, indoor and outdoor showers, direct access to a private Sala on the beach with lounge chairs, and a private butler service to ensure all of your needs are met immediately and with great attention to detail.

The Villa at Benguerra Lodge

The Villa at Benguerra Lodge

For those looking for the ultimate safari chic setting, Benguerra Lodge’s Villa is an absolute must. Offering an exclusive, spacious, and luxurious setting, the Villa is ideal for honeymooners who are looking for complete privacy. The Villa has two double bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, indoor and outdoor showers, a romantic lounge and dining area, a private wooden deck with a swimming pool, a dining gazebo, lounge chairs, and best of all, a private chef, who prepares all of The Villa’s meals.

Benguerra Lodge's beautiful beach and Beach Bar

Benguerra Lodge's beautiful beach and Beach Bar

Marlin Lodge:

Marlin Lodge's beautiful beach

Marlin Lodge's beautiful beach

Synonymous with romance, Marlin Lodge offers you the honeymoon experience of a lifetime. Celebrated for their exceptional attention to detail, Marlin Lodge staff ensures each meal is a unique experience. Whether dining on the beach in secluded locations, on a sandbar, from the privacy of your own chalet, or in the restaurant, you’re guaranteed a romantic meal each night.

Marlin Lodge's famous bush bath

Marlin Lodge's famous bush bath

One of Marlin Lodge’s most famous services is their Bush Bath, which is automatically included for honeymooners. Want to keep the Bush Bath a surprise from your spouse? Marlin Lodge can create an unforgettable and unexpected experience with a personalized note and rose petals leading to the two zinc tubs that are placed side-by-side on your private deck. Each tub is filled with warm bubble bath water and adorned with sweet rose petals. Bringing the entire experience to life, a bottle of chilled sparkling wine is set beside the baths.

Marlin Lodge's executive suite

Marlin Lodge's executive suite

In addition to offering romantic activities and dining experiences, Marlin Lodge’s accommodations are perfect for enjoying an intimate and private setting while on an African honeymoon vacation. Each and every chalet features a private walkway to the beach, en-suite facilities as well as indoor and outdoor showers, a private veranda with deck chairs, two lounges, and tastefully decorated interiors that reflect elegance and the essence of Africa. Whether you choose to stay in one of the Lodge’s luxury chalets or executive chalets, your experience in Mozambique will be absolutely unforgettable. With elegant features and amenities, Marlin Lodge’s 17 chalets are considered the ultimate in luxury.

Experience the ultimate African honeymoon in one of Mozambique’s most romantic accommodations. Live the magic of Africa and make your dreams come true . . .

Have you been to Mozambique?  What were some of your highlights?


Bazaruto Archipelago: A Nature Enthusiast And Beach Lover Haven

benguerra beachWhether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, exciting vacation, or a vacation combining the two, Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique is the ideal destination for travelers with an appetite for pristine beaches, luxurious accommodations, and most of all, a tourism-free atmosphere.

The Bazaruto Archipelago is a cluster of five, untouched islands off the coast of Mozambique, boasting a unique mixture of African spirit and a tropical ambiance. Embodying the term “untouched,” these islands are completely free from commercial and tourism institutions. Just how free are they? There are no roads . . . no shops . . . and no tourist attractions.

Although there are no shops to speak of, you won’t leave the Bazaruto Archipelago without a souvenir from the locals. Baskets, hats, and mats created by locals from the Mlala palms are the perfect keepsake to take home.

The remoteness and complete natural surroundings are what make Bazaruto Archipelago a truly hidden gem. Almost no other place in the world takes you out of the hustle and bustle of life as much as these islands.

The pink beaches and mesmerizing aqua-tinted ocean is the perfect setting for a romantic Mozambique honeymoon safari, or relaxing family safari. With a variety of exciting activities to choose from, you’ll never become tired of the beach—if that is even something that could happen!

snorkelling1Scuba dive through the exotic reefs, or snorkel above the colorful coral and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the ocean.

For those who love fishing, Bazaruto Archipelago offers deep sea fishing excursions and fly fishing opportunities—but be careful, those Mozambique fish can put up a fight.

The Bazaruto Archipelago is famous for its unimaginable setting and exciting activities:

• Fresh water lakes on the Bazaruto Island are a haven for crocodiles and hungry flamingos.

• Benguerra Cashew nut trees line the island and the locals harvest the nuts and husk to create delightful liquor that is unique to the area. Locals also use the sap from Mlala palms to concoct even more liquor.

• Beneath the surface of the water are thriving coral reefs and wrecks, perfect for scuba diving excursions and snorkeling.

• Beaches with perfectly intact shells make the Bazaruto Archipelago one of the world’s greatest places to find perfect shells.

• Big game fishing is a must when on a Mozambique safari vacation. Marlin, sailfish, king mackerel, bonito, travelli, and queen mackerel are just some of the fantastic fish popular to the area.

• Mozambique safari tours on the Bazaruto Archipelago celebrate spectacular birding. With an expansive variety of eco-systems including dunes, grasslands, fresh water lakes, and the ocean, over 164 species of bird can be observed on the Bazaruto Archipelago. Green coucals, green pigeons, purple banded and black sunbirds, olive bee-eaters, paradise fly-catchers, and crab plovers are just some of the wonderful birds famous to the area.

Experience an unforgettable Mozambique safari vacation of a lifetime on the Bazaruto Archipelago. Whether planning a Mozambique honeymoon safari, family safari, or any safari in between, Hills of Africa Travel are experts on Bazaruto Archipelago. We build customized itineraries tailored around our clients’ every individual preference. Contact us today at (877) 845-4802. We’re looking forward to making your dreams come true . . .


Marriage is an adventure – why not begin with one?

An African safari honeymoon is an exciting yet tranquil exotic adventure, perfect for the first trip you take as newlyweds. Only in Africa can you sleep in a bush camp surrounded by elephants and leopards one night and in a private villa on a pristine beach the next.

Create moments you’ll treasure for life . . .

• Unwind together in a bush bath under the African sky

• Enjoy a candle-lit dinner for two at sunset on a riverbank

• Sip morning coffee while watching an elephant herd graze

A romantic African honeymoon safari is the trip of a lifetime, and Hills of Africa Travel can make it happen for you. We like to surprise honeymooners with elegant touches that make their romantic African honeymoon safari even more exceptional:

• Rose petals leading from the game-drive vehicle to your room and into the bathroom
• Bubble-filled bath and bottle of champagne
Private bush dinner
• Picnic with champagne on the beach

We will work closely with you to carefully plan the African honeymoon safari you’ve always dreamed of. Get started planning your honeymoon getaway, and contact us today.

Hills of Africa Travel specializes in customized honeymoons that will give you the perfect beginning to the rest of your life. Contact us today to plan the most amazing start to your married life.