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Rockchic: Timeless Jewelry Recognized For Beauty and Power

rockchicFor visitors to Cape Town, South Africa looking for the perfect gift to bring home for the holidays, Rockchic is the place to find it. With an assortment of stunning, handmade gemstone jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, crystals and gems, and an assortment of jewelry accessories, you are sure to find the perfect piece to compliment any outfit.

Each piece is entirely crafted out of natural materials with the utmost precision, and each crystal and gem is the finest found in nature. Types of crystals and gems used in Rockchic’s jewelry assortment include amazonite, amethyst, fuchsite, malachite, and spirit quartz—among a wide spectrum of others.

When you purchase a piece from Rockchic, you are purchasing more than a necklace, bracelet, or earring set, you are purchasing a traditional form of power and beauty recognized by ancient South African civilizations. These civilizations, as well as current cultures, believe that crystals hold great power in both the physical and metaphysical worlds and that the uniqueness of each crystal has the power to protect, enhance, uplift, and strengthen its owner.

According to Michele and Kathleen of Rockchic, “(The crystals) have been used as amulets to ward off harm, as talismans to encourage virtues, as magical guardians to heal, and as tools to interpret messages from the spirit world. They have an attraction that transcends time and space.”

In addition to their undeniable beauty, certain gems and crystals have metaphysical powers specific to that gem or crystal. Below is an example of the metaphysical power one such crystal has, the Agate:

  • Agates are believed to have a healing power that works to calm, strengthen, and balance the mind and body.
  • Agates work to increase self-esteem and the trust others have in you.
  • Banded Agates provide you with strength to face life’s obstacles.
  • Agates also work to extinguish fear and provide you with pleasant dreams.

Because each crystal is completely unique from the next, it can have a different emotional impact on individuals. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you feel a connection between yourself and the crystal.

Below are steps taken from the Rockchic website that will help you when choosing the perfect crystal:

“To select a crystal, first put yourself in a calm space. Hold the crystal in your right hand with the point towards you. Feel it physically. Be open to sensations like tingling or change in temperature. Also feel the crystal emotionally. Think of the purpose you want it for and see if you feel attracted to it. Be more concerned with how it feels than how it looks. Allow the crystal to pick you by interacting with it in this way. Go with your initial feeling.”

To view Rockchic’s selection of fine gem and crystal jewelry visit their website at http://www.rockchic.co.za/index.html.


Rusthof Country House: Elegant Accommodations in the Heart of Historic Franschhoek


Immerse yourself in South Africa’s breath-taking countryside, infinite vineyards, and local culture in its “Food & Wine” capital, Franschhoek’s historic French Huguenot Village. Stay at one of Franschhoek’s finest estates in the heart of French Huguenot Village, the exclusive Rusthof Country House. This classic Cape Dutch styled home’s premier location on the main street of Franschhoek allows you the freedom to walk through the historic Village and explore charming shops, quaint bistros, art galleries, and exceptional restaurants.

Accommodating a maximum of 16 guests, Rusthof’s private and intimate atmosphere ensures guests receive the finest amenities, rooms, and services.

The Rusthof Country House boasts:

• Luxurious double bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms and pure cotton bed linen.

• Delectable country breakfasts made from the freshest, local ingredients and served in the elegant French Provencal dining room.

• Relaxing amenities, including a lavish pool, spacious lounge, and private patio.

• Exceptional service and extremely friendly staff, who strive to make certain your experience at the Rusthof Country House is above and beyond your expectations.

Besides offering guests the very best accommodations, Rusthof also celebrates a spectacular list of activities:

• Relax by the Estate’s tranquil pool surrounded by blossoming gardens and spectacular views of the mountains and wine country.

• Step outside the front grounds of the Rusthof Country House and soak in the old-world charm of the historic French Huguenot Village, observing all-encompassing classic Cape Dutch style architecture, and spectacular sight-seeing.

• Golf at Jack Niklaus legendary golf course.

• Take an intimate wine tasting tour through prestigious wine vineyards of Franschhoek on horseback. Visiting only the vineyards you want to see, you can be certain you’ll experience the most personal, accommodating, and exceptional wine tasting tour you’ve ever had.

• Walk or hike along the many winding trails of Franschhoek and take in the scenic beauty and serenity of the countryside. Whether you’re looking to delight in a peaceful evening stroll or a hike to some of the region’s most fantastic vineyards, the surrounding trails are there for your pleasure and convenience.

• Enjoy private, delectable lunches and picnics at exclusive wine estates and talk with the masters of winemaking themselves.

• Dive with great white sharks if you dare at Gaansbaai. Mind you: this is for those who are looking for an adrenaline rush of a lifetime!

Discover why Franschhoek, South Africa is considered one of Africa’s most spectacular destinations to visit while on a South African honeymoon vacation or family vacation. Let Hills of Africa Travel send you on the African safari tour of a lifetime. Contact us today at (877) 845-4802 and let us create a completely personalized itinerary for you and your loved ones. We’re looking forward to making your dreams come true . . .